Friday, March 2, 2012

NEW Farmhouse Bed

So yesterday, while searching for plans to build a daybed for the guest bedroom, we took another look at making our own bed. We found an updated version that's half the price of the previous bed we had picked out. And we checked the leftover lumber from closet building and actually have some stuff we can use! We've got the shopping list ready, as well as the cut list and the plan is (hopefully it happens today) to go into town, get the lumber, cut it at the farm (better selection of tools, and saws ha) then bring it all home, stain it, let it dry and assemble it in the bedroom. The assembling probably won't happen until Saturday night/all day Sunday. BUT I'm still super excited. I think Duke's new favorite thing of coming upstairs and jumping, with ease, into bed/the mattresses on the floor motivated the boyfriend to get the bed off the ground. While Duke's adorable and a great way to wake up, he's also pretty bite-y. Which is not good to wake up to, or good for our brand new bedding. So, keep your fingers crossed that we get it done this weekend before I have to go back to work next week! Here are the pictures of the completed bed; it's painted white but as I mentioned before that I'm going for a dark stain; that still applies (see the last pic for what I'm looking for).



Hopefully, I'll have some finished-product-pictures for y'all soon!

Happy Weekend!

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  1. oh happy day! the results are going to be amazing!