Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday Motivation!

This weekend has been a busy one. But because we kept ourselves busy, by working for something that we (and I use that term loosely, because I'm the one a bit more obsessed with making this dang thing perfect) really wanted. Our handmade bed. I know it's dumb, and probably won't last as long something less tangible. But it's a bit of a milestone for us, and an excellent lesson.
As y'all know, I have about a million, and one, projects that I'd love to do. But haven't. Thursday night, though, I had enough. We'd been searching for beds in a reasonable price range for months and hadn't come up with anything. And the mattresses on the floor look isn't really doing it for me anymore. So when we took a second look at making our own, exactly the way we wanted it, I said we're doing it! I made a shopping list, we went to Lowes the next day and just did it.
While this is a small and silly example, it should demonstrate how just doing it can yield amazing results, and can be applied to anything (goals, happiness, dreams, etc.) This is really the first time I've just done something. I quit thinking about it and why we couldn't and said, we will. The boyfriend even thanked me Friday night for planning everything out so that we could actually get something accomplished. I think it's a healthy project for both of us.
Bethenny Frankel said something on her show the other night that I could really relate to. In regards to her and her husbands new NYC apartment that they are completely redoing, she said nothing was going to get done because "I just want it to be perfect,".
Unfortunately, striving for perfection can keep us from achieving anything at all. Many times, I find myself leaving something undone because I don't have the resources or means (in my head) to make it absolutely perfect. How exhausting and unrealistic? I'm not suggesting we settle, but I am saying, if you want something, work for it. Make it happen, instead of just letting it go because it might not be up to our ridiculous standards.
Quit talking yourself out of stuff, and do it. You might surprise yourself.



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  1. with the "just do it" attitude, oh, the places y'all will go with the things y'all will do. no looking back now. that's "perfection".