Tuesday, January 18, 2011

First Day of School!

Today is the first day of school of my last semester of my college career. Even though I'm a year late, it still feels like I was a clueless freshman just yesterday. The fact that this is my tenth semester doesn't ease my butterflies, but my excitement might trump it a little bit. This is a huge step towards the rest of my life. My schedule will be jammed packed and includes a 13 hour long day of classes and labs (while going back to work weekends in April), but I want to take it in and absorb all the learning that I have left. A philosophy class I took last semester began the class talking about how to take full advantage of the college experience. While I feel like I might have definitely missed out on a few things and wasted one (or two) semesters, I plan on enjoying this last one. Not many people even get to go to college and have the experiences I've had. So instead of not making it to all of my classes or dreading assignments and papers, I'm going to embrace it and get ready for the next stage of my life.
What I know I'll be missing out on this semester though are my mom's homemade cookies. She made chocolate and peanut butter chip cookies on the first day of school every year from preschool to high school and it was by far the highlight of not only the first day of school, but the majority of my public school career. Good thing my boyfriend made brownies a couple nights ago- should take my mind of the cookies...

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