Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Creative Boost = New and Improved everything.

So even though earlier Monday morning after being bombarded with phone calls I felt my body giving in to the head cold/sinus problems that's going around, I managed to muster up the strength to creep on admire and browse several blogs and pictures. And suddenly, I felt my blog needed a(nother) facelift. And feeling very black and white with an accent of yellow, here it is. My new and improved blog! And you might notice the new links at the top- took me about an hour to figure out how in the world to add those nifty little guys. But I did it! More to come, when I have more going on.

My "creative boost" included the following revalations:
1. I want to take more pictures. Like a lot. Of me (zip it, dad), of the boyfriend, of Duke, our house, outside, inside, etc. My birthday's coming up (which I keep forgetting, cause let's be honest, who the heck cares how old you are after 21 and until the big 3-0?) and I might use it to score a new camera. A legit one. We'll see.
2. Along with these new pictures of me and my silly little life, I want to take this blog in a new direction. A more personal one. I have absolutely no pictures of myself, and hardly any of my family, friends, etc. on this thing. Why is that? It's my blog, and my family and friends are truly the only people who read it anyways (don't worry, I don't kid myself). So that's gonna change. Plan to see more pictures of dumb, everday stuff that I love.
3. I want to have a routine; something to look forward to as well as do on a regular basis. Hence the newfound dedication to this blog/ photography.
4. I also realized upon making the links that I wish I had something sell or offer other than my Pinterest, which has a ton of other peoples stuff. I want to have/make stuff of my own and quit copycating and just dreaming. (This goes for pics too- I love sharing other peoples pictures, but I'd rather take and share my own now.)
5. I want to start going to church. I know- waaaay out of left field, but I was inspired but this devout girl and her hubby, and I really want to. Whether it's here or in the next place we end up, we're gonna start going. I feel like we need to.
6. Like I mentioned yesterday, I want to start going places. Don't get me wrong, we get out. Just not as often as we'd like and I rarely document anything. I want to take neat pictures that will help me remember and appreciate the good times and places while we were here.
7. Food! Ima foodie and a pretty dang good cook. This needs to be shown (and proven?) a bit more. Including pics (yes, more pictures-see? I really need that camera...) and recipes.

Hopefully, all of these things take off and I don't forget about this boost later today when I get in my jammies and all I want to do is watch mindless tv, cuddle with my boys and fall asleep.
I'm sure it won't! I want to do this stuff. I think it will help me keep my mind off of trivial crap that doesn't really matter. I've been looking for something to occupy my creative energy and time. I think this photography thing oughtta do it.
I'm pretty pleased, and excited. :)


  1. what a story you will tell through your pictures. and to look forward to putting on jammies, cuddle with the boys and watch mindless tv doesn't mean you've forgotten your creative boost, it simply means you have your priorities straight. a beautiful story of it's own.