Monday, February 27, 2012

While waiting and pursuing...

My parents came over this weekend for a long overdue visit. We had a blast and although it was way too short for our liking, we had a few wonderful discussions about all of our future plans.
Now, while talking about and planning for the future and things we want to do and see and have, it's important to not forget about what we have now. I know I've talked about this before but I almost always find myself missing a certain aspect of a place or thing I've left behind. I realize that I didn't take complete advantage of things while I was there. I can't tell you how much a miss certain restaurants in NM that I didn't get enough of. Or state parks in Indiana that we didn't go running at enough times. I told the boyfriend the other day that we need to get out more, see more places around here before we leave, because we are leaving someday. But until then, we need to love what we have, where we are and what we do. Or least try a little harder to do so.

 And remember to be patient while working towards these things.

So this week, even though it's being cut a bit short by having to work a couple of extra days (which is fine-just means more mula), we're going to try to take advantage of what this area has to offer, as well as this unseasonably warm weatehr. We're planning picnics and walks (and maybe some running) at the state parks and a trip to the darling Walmart in a neighboring town I've mentioned before and spending as much time together as we can with baby Duke before the summer season picks up and we have to refrain from murderous meltdowns. :) Wish us luck!

And Happy Monday!

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