Friday, January 20, 2012

Wine Cork Board

So I've been wanting to make my own version of a cork board made from wine corks for a while. My parents gave us quite a few that they've saved and the boyfriend and I managed to add two of our own to the finished product. With the puppy coming soon and my evenings being filled with Pinterest surfing, tv watching and not much else, I decided to use my time a little more productively and finally get it done. I love it! I'm a little worried about taking tacks in and out of it because I used hot glue to attach the corks and some of them weren't holding very well. But it has the feel I was going for and looks great in our kitchen. If it holds, it'll be a great way to hang notes, recipes, reminders, prayer lists, etc. So glad to have it finished! See-the puppy's not even here yet and it's making me a better person! :)

Definitely couldn't do this with a curious puppy running around!
In our kitchen, right above where we plan on building the island. Perfect.

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  1. to be able to know so much about the ones who live there before a single word is spoken...that is making a house a home. timeless.