Monday, January 23, 2012


So we finished the master bedroom last week! It's painted, the trim is done, the closet is in, doors are on, now all it needs are some shelves and rods and we'll be ready to finally put all of our clothes away! I've been looking at a hundred and one ways to build a closet and have had a few ideas. Although these are unrealistic, I had these pictures on hand for a while, for some dream-closet inspiration.

Mmm, ya I'd like flowers in my closet!
This is probably more or less what we'll go for. The boyfriend can build it around the closet so it's almost like a walk-in. Niiice. I can't wait!

Here's the progress we've made so far! (Sorry the format's a mess. I'm still learning...)
Master Bedroom Closet
The paint we chose for this room really warms it up- it's called Iced Chocolate. And it sure beats that awful peach color! Whose hubby lets them pick pink for the bedroom?!

Middle Room Closet                 

I know this isn't of the closet but I had to share what we've done with the "Middle Room" (not really sure what else to call it, besides a loft...) This wall used to be a full wall which made it impossible to get anything upstairs (we had to cut our box spring in half and reassemble it once it was in the master bedroom). Now, the boys were able to drywall, lumber, etc up the stairs without any trouble. This will make it so much easier to furnish the remaining rooms. We plan to put a sofa in here, with bookshelves and probably a tv, for a sort of sitting room.
We're painting this room next! You can see our testing on the far left wall. It's called "Coastal Villa"- the boyfriend skillfully picked it out. Love it!

Office/Guest Bedroom Closet
We haven't decided what color we're painting this room yet.

But the boys sure have done an amazing job and you can't beat free labor, or the satisfaction of knowing you've done it yourself.

There's still a lot of work to do but we enjoy doing it and are loving the results!

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  1. y'all nailed it! the blood, sweat and tears...doing it yourself. you're right-pure satisfaction.