Friday, January 13, 2012

Green Grass

I've always been one to think obsess about the future. I have a hard time taking a break from all the planning to take a moment and cherish what I have now- I'm always looking ahead for bigger and better things. It's something I'm working on, as I've come to realize how miserable it can make your present (and those around you).
While looking forward to the future and having goals to work towards is healthy, completely forgetting to enjoy the present is not. I came across this quote today and it made more sense than the majority of the "live in the now" quotes I've seen and heard. Instead of waiting for better things to come along, why not work on the things I can right now, to improve my current situation?
I might have to make this a part of my home via a pretty font and frame. Yay-another project!



  1. i "came across" this on Pinterest today too (:

  2. and a lot of the time the grass is greener because it's "artificial turf". ;-)