Monday, January 9, 2012


Now that the closets are being put in upstairs, we can finally move forward with painting and decorating (yessss). One of the first things I like to add to a space are curtains. They add such a warmth that a newly decorated room really needs. Our bedroom has one large window in the front as well as two regular sized windows. We currently have brown blackout curtains on the front window, which are from my old college apartment and don't really fit the window, let alone the decor I'm going for. But in searching for the right curtain or fabric to make my own, I recently came across the idea of painting curtains! The possibilities are endless! After much debating, I narrowed the options down to two patterns.

I love the boldness and simplicity of stripes. They also add a bit of darkness without blocking out too much light. And of course, horizontal stripes draw the eye sideways, making the room seem larger.

I adore this pattern. Also simple, it adds a new and different dimension to the room. As far colors, I'd like a white curtain with black accents.

I think I'm going with this pattern! Now all I need are the curtains! And hopefully I can get them painted and up next week! Pictures to come!


  1. this is a wonderful idea! the ones you create would be "one of a kind".

  2. Curtains are definitely good for windows. It completes the image of a window, no? Also, making your own is a fun and creative idea. There are many types of windows, so it can be easier to make a curtain to match the window instead of looking for one in the store.

    1. They definitely do! Thanks so much for the comment and for reading!