Thursday, December 1, 2011

New 'Do

So my morning is supposed to consist of a trying some new workouts to my long, lost ipod that I found in my sewing stuff last night (no explanation), followed by a new haircut. My hair's needed a trim for a while, but I have so much hair and it makes such a mess, I figured if there's any changes I want to make, I might as well better do it then. I've been wanting to play with shorter layers, while still keeping the length (the boyfriend forbids me to cut my hair any shorter, and I can't argue; I hated having short hair and will never go back). I looked through my "blog pics" folder that I've been adding to since about a year ago, as well as my Pinterest collection of past inspirations and turns out, I've been wanting it for a while. Here they are!

I've always loved LC, her style, and her hair. She has the contrast of layers, side swept bangs and amazing length (even if they are extensions).

Another one of my faves- Emma Stone. Her hair color is enough to get you, but those eyes! Gorgeous, and funny gal. Her bangs are good example of what I wouldn't be afraid to try (again-I've had em before).

I've had this pic of Rachel McAdams for a while. My hair is longer than this, but I love the face framing layers.

This is such a darling pic in itself, but the bangs are another example of what I'm going for, maybe a bit longer.

This is probably the best example of the layers that I'd like. Beginning right under the cheekbone. She clearly has extensions, but my hair's only (and surprisingly so) a few inches shorter than that.

Zooey Deschanel! Love, love, love her. And her new show. Her hair is adorable and so girly. Again, love the bangs. I want my layers to start just a little below those.

Wish me luck! PS- don't worry. This def isn't my first attempt at cutting my own hair. With my mother's training, I've been doing it myself since age 14 after a disaster of a haircut given by a trained professional. 
I got this. :)

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