Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Best Friend's Bday!

Today is my best friend's birthday. I feel like "best" doesn't even begin to cover it. We met my junior year of high school and, like some kind of fate, ended up being in yearbook class and working at an organic grocery store together senior year. We quickly recognized something in each other and became fast friends. We then went to college together, almost got a dorm together (neither of us regret that decision), went on several family vacations (both of our families excepted the other like another daughter), watched/ stalked several local bands together, dressed up as Lola and Hannah Montana, cooked and ate, gotten through a lot with each other, and have managed to keep in touch even though I moved to PA over three years ago. When she came to visit a couple months ago, I was so nervous. I didn't know if we would still have "it" after not seeing each other for so long. It was like I never left. And while some days, I wished I hadn't, she is my one constant, and no matter how far away, will always be.
She understands me like no one else can, or is willing to. She has stuck by my ridiculous stages in life, my ups and downs, has helped me get over a lot, learn, grow and become the person that I am today. We're silly, serious, dark-humored, mean girls, opposites, the same person, just a couple of kids, too old for our age, beautiful and like no one else.
She is truly my family and I cannot imagine my life without her.
The beginning.

Dorm life.

Eating. One of, if not our favorite thing.

Touring the Colorado mines, in style.

Family vacay in Colorado.

 Her recent visit to PA!

Our song.

It's true.

Have an amazing day! I wish I could be there to celebrate with you but soon enough you'll be a nine hour drive away and we'll have more to celebrate than just birthdays.

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  1. Thanks Britt!!! This made me laugh and tear up all the same time.