Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I am not a patient person. I'm aware of this- it's nothing new. But I'm currently waiting to hear about an opportunity and it. is. slowly. killing. me. Over the years, I've gotten much better at not sweating the small stuff, going with the flow and not worrying so much about anything and everything. But I haven't slept well, had several, almost daily border-line migraines, nausea and now, a weird rash on my tummy. This is a big deal; a potentially life changing decision that someone else is making for me. I've done all I can, now all I can do is sit back... and wait... It doesn't help that my season at the resort already ended but the boyfriend's hasn't. So instead of going to work together, or spending our days off together, I'm home alone, without a vehicle to get out and go anywhere. Instead, I slept in, ate like a hog, got sick, and a splitting, tear-jerking headache, and didn't get anything accomplished.

At the end of the day, I spoke to my parents (like I do every day) and my mom could tell that I was feeling it. She whipped it into mom-mode and gave me instructions to just calm down. Sweats (which I was already in), a cool washcloth on the forehead, mindless football and laying on the couch was prescribed. My dad recommended downing a fifth of scotch as well. (Love that guy.) But they both said that I had already done all that I could and whatever was supposed to happen would. Now it was time to let it go, hand it over to God and let Him handle it, like He always does.

 And that's what I did. And minutes after I did, my mom sent me a few precious and hilarious videos to cheer me up (which made me cry because I just love my parents so dang much) and my boyfriend, who took care of and put up with me all evening opened my eyes to the many directions that our life can go. It was like God sent these people to show me the way and remind me that everything is going to be fine.

While I'll still be checking my phone every hour (okay, half hour) today, I'll be doing it in between catching up on things I want to get done. I won't let it hold me back anymore. God has a plan for all of us, and I'm going to sit back now, and get excited about where it will take me next.

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