Monday, October 31, 2011


I'm not sure how many other places do this (I'd never seen it until I moved back to PA), but around here, Halloween is scheduled. Our Trick-Or-Treat Night was last Thursday so I was a little thrown off by all the creepy themed shows and Bings home page. I totally forgot today was Halloween. I did have big plans to decorate but never got around to it this year (which just gives me more fuel for Christmas decorating!). But next year, and every year after that, I have some pretty cute ideas to get in the Halloween/Fall spirit. Here are my inspirations.

A different take on the traditional orange and black color scheme.

Can't go wrong with branch lights, baby pumpkins and galvanized anything.

 I really like baby pumpkins. :) And branches! Such an inexpensive free way to bring the outdoors in.

 Wreath made of colored burlap and an attractive bow. I really planned on making one of these this year...

Beautiful mirrors topped off with gorgeous mini wreaths to add seasonal flare to any space.

 I really need to find a sideboard/ old dresser to redo for the entry way so I can do cute stuff like this!

 Now this I actually plan on doing today or tomorrow. I have a $3 grapevine wreath and $5 garland to wrap around it. I'd say that beats those $30-40 wreaths you can buy pre-made. (And it gives me something to do!)

We didn't get a chance to carve any pumpkins this year, but this is such a classy version! Gotta love that Martha Stewart.

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