Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall boots

So it's been getting a little chilly around here! And in response (and preparation), I bought myself some shoes from Target, which I usually don't do. I've really never even been that into shoes. But they were an amazing deal and the shipping wasn't terrible so I couldn't pass them up. Especially since, even though this is my third year in Pennsylvania, I still do not have weather-appropriate shoes for all four seasons.
Here's are my inspirations for the purchase (that I couldn't be happier with!)

These were only $19 and are perfect to wear to work these next couple of weeks as the season comes to an end and weather keeps getting colder.

Now these are not something I would normally wear but I was really drawn to the rustic and classic look. Which lead me to make a purchase I've often thought about but never had the guts to do.

These are, by far, my favorite shoes. I wear them with anything and everything, even sweatshirts and hoodies. They are the most comfortable pair of shoes I've ever had. I should've known- my Memphis-born mother was been trying to get me to buy some since I could wear shoes. Well, I love 'em yall! They look darling under jeans but can also be worn over skinnier jeans, or with shorts. And they were a whole $15.

Now I didn't get any of the knee-high boots, I think I'd better try them on first, so I decided not to get my first pair of those online. I'm still on the hunt... and I had to share these fall boots, and the outfits!
They're just too cute.

{All images via my style board on Pinterest}

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