Sunday, October 23, 2011

Clean house

You would think not being in school would free up a lot of my time, and allow me to keep up with organizing and cleaning the house. Not only have I not gotten into a cleaning routine, there are things that haven't even been unpacked yet. And being the Type A personality that I am, it's giving me an eye twitch. But most of the time, even my eye can't muster up enough motivation to make me want to clean after working until midnight 6 days a week. Instead, I sleep in, catch up on my DVR'd shows, then tidy up enough to keep me sane, and I get ready for work. The vicious cycle continues over, and over, and over.


Luckily, the resort closes a week from today. And I honestly cannot wait to put on my sweats, pull my hair up and get cleaning! I found an amazing series of checklist's from Martha Stewart a few weeks ago and printed them out to attempt to keep up with every day, week, month, season, etc. They cover every aspect of your home and includes things like preparing for winter and summer, maintaining the refrigerator, freezer, closet, and so on.

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Of course, I'll have more time to do so once I'm not working as much this winter, but I'm hoping to get in a routine (like my mom's "Thursday" cleaning days growing up) so that when spring rolls around and it's time to get back to work, it'll be as natural as sleeping and eating. Needless to say, I can't wait.
Happy Cleaning!

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