Sunday, September 25, 2011


I'm finding that making your own furniture, decorations, wall art, etc. is can be waaay cheaper than paying someone else to do it. And it's much more satisfying. Being that the season at the lake is winding down and the weather is turning colder, I have a few larger projects that might have to be finished outside done as soon as possible. The majority of them involve pallets.
This is where dating a farmers son comes in handy. (This actually comes in handy a lot- we went creeping around the barn and found amazing old windows to use for a table or just to hang on the wall. Gorg.). We were driving down the dirt lane the other day and stopped to get some branches for my newest addition to the living room (pics soon-promise) and went exploring into their graveyard of old fence posts, retired farm equipment and leftover pallets. Sooo many pallets. I'm beyond excited to get the boyfriend to help me with some of these projects, especially the headboard! I'm thinking we (and by we, I mean the boyfriend, who is way better at using power tools and a saw than me) could easily make a footboard too and finally have a real, beautiful bed. (And now I have to find something to use those old fence posts for! I'll have to look to my Picker Sisters for inspiration.)

This is a more obvious use of pallets. We don't really have room for anything like this now, but I still love it.

This could be altered to make a coffee or dining room table. And it supposedly only cost $2. Can't beat it!

Love this island in the kitchen. Perfect height and more than enough room to utilize as a table as well, not just an additional counter top. Could be painted to match any room.

I just adore this. Anything with mason jars and weathered wood. Not to mention that amazing sunset in the background. *Sigh*

Great idea for a more organized coffee table. What a neat table top too! Endless possibilities!

And my most favorit-ist piece of all! I've looked at hundreds of headboards and none of them made my heart skip a beat like this one. So easy, but so simply beautiful.

{All images via the home section of my Pinterest}

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