Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What we've been up to...

So the best friend's visit was amazing. It was wonderful to get to spend some much needed time with her. We had a blast, laughed a lot, and ate just about as much. She reminded me of who I really am, which I cannot thank her enough for.
After she left, I realized I had to fill my new free time with something so I've been getting some little projects done around the house. And have about a million more planned to shop for in a couple days. I'm super excited. But I thought I'd give y'all a glimpse at what I was able to accomplish this week.
Get excited for bigger projects! PS- This is my 100th post (!)

I got these darling things from a junk store in a neighboring town- this big one was $1.25, the small one $0.65. And the bottle is from SOB's antiques in New Mexico- it says my last name and was a quarter. Love.
(Ooh, and peek at out new wall color! I can't get enough of it)

Made a fall arrangement, got the bottles for $0.25 each and the basket was a whopping $2 at the same junk store around here. I have no idea what to put in it but I couldn't pass up that deal.

The sea grass basket was $1. That's my grandpa in the picture, and the vase had flowers in it that my boyfriend got my for Valentine's day.

This one might be my favorite. The chairs were on clearance for $10 a piece, the barrel was $10 and the lantern was in a dollar bin at another great store in that neighboring town. 
And best of all, all of these thing were purchased with my best friend and I am pleasantly reminded of her and our visit when I see them. :)

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