Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I'm back!

So we didn't end up getting internet (or cable) until yesterday. Besides missing way too much of my Real Housewives and the return of my favorite Teen Mom group, I missed my blog! Turns out, it's become a therapeutic outlet for me while my creativity and endless interior design ideas are being stifled by lack of time and teeny budget.

I'm off today and the boyfriend left for work over 2 hours ago.
Things I've accomplished:
  • ate 2 tuna fish sandwiches then broke into my new Blitzberg ice cream (delish by the way, and it included a chance to win Steelers tickets. What more could a girl ask for?!)
  • caught up on NY and NJ Housewives-I'm getting bored with NY, still infatuated with NJ and can't wait for Beverly Hills to return
  • walked over, around, and inevitably through the piles of dirt brought in by boyfriend and his dad insulating the attic this morning, therefore tracking it through the whole house.
What I plan to accomplish this afternoon/evening:
  • clean the floors (all of them) including the steps by vacuuming then Swiffering- which I love because I got the kind with lavender scented Febreeze. Heaven.
  • dust the furniture (all 4 pieces of it) and the blinds
  • hang something up. Whether it's a mirror in the entryway, a clock in the bathroom, a picture in the bedroom, it's time to get something on these walls.
  • cook dinner for the boyfriend so that it's ready when he gets home from work. I've done this for a week or so now and have to say, I love it. I was totally made to be a housewife. ;)
I know I've promised pictures of the house- trust me, you can wait. There's really nothing to see at the moment. It's not a mess, just nothing to look at yet. There's still much to be done! I've always believed that a house is never really finished, but there is a line to cross when you can invite people into your homes, and we haven't even painted that line yet. Let alone the walls.
Better get to work.
Hope y'all are having an amazing week. So glad to be back. :)

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