Thursday, June 9, 2011

New, and Improved Style.

So I finally went shopping at a "real" mall yesterday with the boyfriend and didn't find a thing! If you remember my earlier post regarding my ridiculous shopping urges, you'd understand how devastating this was for me. I just couldn't find anything I really liked. And I what I was drawn to was either way out of my price range or brought my boyfriend to say things like, "You don't wear any of this stuff." (He did say I'd look good in it but I don't wear it haha) And he was right. I don't wear it, yet. I know I've mentioned "maturing" my wardrobe before and I've gotten pass the step of giving away all of my childish clothes. Now comes the part where I replace them with more mature things. Which honestly, is all I'm into these days. Here are a few of my inspirations- maybe I'll have better luck shopping next time.

I want some new shoes, still sandals to wear in the summer ad to work, but something a little more interesting than a flip flop. Love the simplicity of this outfit, ps.
I'm getting really into florals, and dresses. They're so comfy! (And I love this fellow PA native, Miss Taylor Swift.)
Love, love, love the yellow! And the cardigan. I want some for work. 
Shades, necklace, shirt/possible dress and 'tude. Love it all.
(This is very close to the outfit I was looking at when my boyfriend noted that I don't wear things like this. YET.)
Here I go again with the florals. And I really need a belt like this for dresses too. Phew- so much to do! :)

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