Thursday, May 26, 2011


I've been wanting to do this post for a while, and now that we're moving into a new house and sitting in this hotel room by myself all afternoon has made me realize how much I'm going to need a furry companion, I thought now would be the perfect time.
I've wanted a dog forever- no matter how much my life plans have changes, whether it be my education, the location of my dream house, my dream house itself, my career, etc, there has always been a dog (or two) included. But very few places have I been allowed to have one. Our new house only has one carpeted room, which just screams "I'm already puppy proofed!" to me. I know I won't get one right away- things will be too crazy trying to settle in and we'll both be working way too much to give the puppy the attention it needs. And we don't have the budget to get it a nice bed, toys to play with, food, and doctors bills should anything happen to the poor guy/gal. So in the meantime, I can plan and dream about what it will be like to have a ball of fur to cuddle and play with in our new house, and our new backyard!

If I could take the small thing with me to work and keep him/her on my lap all day, I SO would.

Bath time!

Nap time!

Just wants to be held like a little baby!

I would never get a dog like this, but it's my perfect kind- pudgy, and chill.

I want a lab soooo bad! But no biting. No matter how cute it is. That's a weakness of mine- I can't discipline yet... I'll learn. :)

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