Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cooking, for...?

I know this post probably isn't a good idea, considering I'm about to talk about and share some pictures of food, and I'm already starving. But I love y'all too much not to. :)
Since I could reach the counter, I've been cooking, and my mom has been teaching me to. My brother and I were always very hands on in the kitchen, and that has carried over into our adult lives, thank goodness. Give me a recipe, and I can make you just about anything. I even have some of my staples memorized (including my guacamole, which I don't use measuring utensils for anymore). I haven't been able to cook for my boyfriend as much as I've wanted to lately with all of my supplies being in storage. But something today made me really want to start cooking again.
I've become a regular on the bus this week, which has been interesting, to say the least. The bus driver this morning was a talker and told me about how he spent his last few days off planting a garden, consisting of the following; 8 dozen tomato plants, 7 dozen zucchini plants, 8 dozen cucumber plants, some lettuce, some radishes, and some green onions. I assumed he sold them for extra income. When his wife asked what the h-e-double-hockey sticks he needed all those damn tomatoes for, he informed her that he had poor people on his bus to feed. I was shocked. his sweet old man, who probably could should have retired by now, is taking his days off to feed others. It was inspiring.
I've been thinking a lot lately about what all I can do with my free time since I won't be in school or have hours of homework to do, and now I have a better idea. Even if it's baking a few things for the people at work (some of which who work way to hard) or volunteering in a kitchen somewhere, there are definitely ways I plan on using my cooking skills for reasons other than feeding myself.
That being said, here are some food inspirations to get y'all in the mood. For piggin' out. Enjoy!

I actually made 2 bags of these, but chocolate, for my best friend who lived in the dorms freshman year. These are great for a quick breakfast, or anytime.

Co-workers and I have made dinners at work together and shared, which is one of my favorite perks of having a kitchen in the office. I planned on bringing stuff in pre-made or ready to heat up for the girls for lunches and dinners. Pasta dishes are so easy to make large amount of and just keep in a big pot for everyone.

Baked goods are always a hit and don't last long in my office. These look amazing- just the thing to lift somebody's spirits during a stressful day.

Peanut and chocolate chips... 'nuff said.

I really want a shirt that says this. Although, most know this about me already. :)

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