Thursday, May 19, 2011

Moving Week-Part... Aaaah!

So we planned on having everything minus an inflatable mattress and my laptop to do my schoolwork on left in the apartment yesterday. Didn't happen. We have a queen size mattress to haul 2 hours on top of the Jeep and apparently, the rain has decided to stay a while. And no one wants a soggy mattress. That would then sit in storage for at least a week. No one wants a soggy, really smelly mattress.
So we worked on getting everything else out after I got home from school yesterday and while he had the day off. We didn't finish getting back from our last trip until midnight. And my poor, hardworking boyfriend had to get up at 4:45 this morning and drive all the way back to that area just to go to work. And when he gets home from work this evening, we're making one of two more trips we have to make.
This week has been madness. How we haven't strangled each other is beyond me. (I'm kidding.) And how we acquired so much crap is also a mystery (no it's not-it's totally my doing).
But! We're almost done. That's what we keep telling ourselves every little step of the way- we're almost done, it'll be worth it, everything will settle down soon. And God willing, it will.
I've got quite a bit to catch up on today since I chose to do an alternate assignment instead of taking the class field trip to a casino 2 hours away. I figured I'd be more productive if I was at home, around the things that needed to be done, and not gambling. Good call, self.
And to keep y'all interested, here are some more pretty inspirations to look at. Have a beautiful day!

 Love the butcher block top of the island. Love the island in general. I want one so bad.

 This is a little extravagant, but I was drawn to the counter tops and lighting. Plus the neat fridge!

 Love the chandelier here, which I know I've mentioned before. Diggin' the stainless steel appliances too.

 LOVE this backsplash and the barn-inspired design on the island.

 My mom and I saw this years ago on one of our gazillion favorite design shows and I've wanted to do it ever since. Maybe not a full wall but a portion. So ingenious and functional.

This is way too girly for my boyfriend's style, but I really like the hardwood floors- those are pretty manly, right?

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