Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day Off

Today was my first day off in months. And by that I mean it was the first time I haven't had something to do, finish, pick up, somewhere to be, etc. in months. The boyfriend and I woke up naturally today, with no help from a screeching alarm. Then we went out for breakfast and (huge) coffees. Then we went to a few Amish stores and a greenhouse, where we dreamed of the landscaping we'll do to the new house. Then I dropped him off at work and drove back to relax at his parents farm.
As if that wasn't a good enough day already, I came home hoping to lay out by the pool. Unfortunately, the foreign exchange student my boyfriends family is hosting beat me to it. Luckily, his mother came home and invited me to lunch. We had a delicious meal, accompanied by homemade strawberry lemonade in a mason jar. Then we came home and went swimming and tanned for a few hours.
Which brings me here. I'm putting off a shower because I'm already burnt and SO, so hot and staying in my bathing suit just feels too good right now to ruin. Of course, I'll eventually have to shower before picking my boyfriend up because we're going out for dinner tonight... swanky and precious all at the same time, I know.
But while I'm cooling off, I feel like sharing some outdoor inspirations with you is a more production use of time. Being outside today got me in the mood to have bbqs or sit out on one of our three porches with a nice cold drink with my boyfriend after a nice, long day. I can. Not. Wait.

This actually looks fairly simple to make... my poor boyfriend. ;)

These look kinda heavy, but again, so simple to make. I would love these during a get together. Or whenever.

This is a better angle of how to make something like this. 

Weekly movie night? If it's gonna look like this- yes, please.

Love the rocking chairs (my parents had some like these from Cracker Barrel!) and the swing. It looks so inviting- perfect place to read a book, or just be.

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