Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Living Room

In keeping with the house hunting theme, here are some living room inspirations.
PS- I'm keepin it simple this week so at least y'all have something to look at.

 Love the accent on the stairs. The majority of the places we're looking at are two story so being able to dress up the stairs would be so fun.
The colors stood out to me the most in this space. So light and refreshing and tied in throughout; the pillows, the curtains (floor to ceiling which I adore) and the fresh white furniture. What a beautiful contrast to the unique dark hardwood floors.
dillon kyle architecture
The chandelier anchors this whole room- and the rug is a great way to lengthen/increase the feel of space in a room. Uh, not to mention the amazing barn doors on tracks. Want Need.
I love the vintage, classic and simplicity of this whole space. Even though it looks a bit on the small side, the color scheme really opens it up. I'm really getting into white furniture (not to mention, it's usually an inexpensive alternative to colors- go figure.)
I want to know where this rug is from and when it can be delivered. I love it. And the simple colors means it goes with just about anything. Such a darling space.

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