Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Beddy Bye

We spent the day with my parents today, which included a delicious chicken fried chicken lunch, and a much needed relaxing afternoon filled with fun conversations, sharing of many memories and laughter. Among many other things, we talked about the house we've been looking at renting. While we haven't seen the inside yet, I've had numerous daydreams about what it will look like, the colors, the furniture we'll fill it up with. I have a million ideas, but upon getting a bed frame from the parents today, I'll share some bed inspirations.

I love, love, love the height of this bed, and the headboard. Doesn't that comforter just scream "come get comfy with me!"?
I like this space because of the vaulted ceilings (which our potential place is going to have) and the matching bed spread and curtains. Love the wall color too. We're hoping that this landlord, being that he's family, will let us paint/spruce the place up a bit. Fingers crossed!
I can see this headboard being a contender for a diy project this summer. I'm looking into getting curtains and rods for our windows, too- great example here.
This is more our style- clean, simple and bright. I particularly love this room because of it's small but beautiful characteristics. Plus the ceiling.
Just another great look at the curtains and the heightening effect they have on windows/walls. Cute fabric for the  bed too. SO many ideas. SO much to do.
I can't wait. :)

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