Friday, March 11, 2011

Swimsiut Season

I've started to add some more reasons to my new working out routine. Besides just being able to fit in some pants in order to save money, I also want to be in shape, stay that way and feel good! And... I wanna tan this summer. Last summer, I got a wicked sunburn in the first month of work and was dodging the sun for weeks, not to mention hot showers, little-too-tight clothing and sheets. When I was finally starting to lose some of my color (the tan, not the red) and was ready to soak up some sun again I had 2 unexpected surgeries that left me without a gallbladder, four really attractive scars on my tummy and a doctor's ban from swimming AND tanning for at least 2 months, which at this point was the rest of my summer. Needless to say, I was one sad, pale little girl. It didn't help that my boyfriend works at the marina on the docks all day and looked like a bronzed angel all summer, and for many months following. Well, the tables have turned- in my urge to organize just about everything in this apt. yesterday, I found a coupon for one free tan at a salon a couple blocks down from me. Was this a sign? I think so.
My attention has now turned to swim suits! My boyfriend's sister and their brother's girlfriend were looking at Victoria's Secret ones the other day, making me not only jealous, but even more ready for summer. While I don't plan on spending that much money on one, I do like to look. And it only fuels my fire to shape up. Here are a few inspirations.

This one might leave some funny tan lines, but the color and design are so cute, I wouldn't even mind.

I love the simplicity of this one, and the ruffles. I dunno how I feel about the white- might have to break this one out after I get a good tan.

I pretty much love all of these (minus the zipper one). I've never worn the strapless style before but these are darling enough to make me wanna try.

A little random, but in the spirit of getting ready for summer, I couldn't leave these off. And you better believe I'll be rockin' em all summer. :)

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