Thursday, March 10, 2011

Step it up.

Yesterday, we went house hunting (didn't find anything) and we also stopped by the lake resort where I'll be returning  in about 2 weeks. Which means the following:
~ I need to lose about 5-10 lbs. Yup- in two weeks.
~ I need to do it before I buy new work pants since last season's pants are never gonna fit again.
~ Despite these things, I'm super excited to get back to work. :)

I started working out last night; turns out our cable includes several (and by several I mean hundreds) of workout routines, many under 10 minutes, which is perfect for my attention span. I did 3 of those today and, no exaggerating here, can already feel a difference. Only problem is, I'm on spring break. Will I be able to keep up with these when school picks up again? Odds (normally) are, no. But my boyfriend is an amazing motivator and has already recommended running at our local state park tomorrow. So I'll have little room for excuses. And really, if I don't shed some of this post-surgery weight by the time I start work again, I'll need to buy all new pants, then when I do reach my goal weight, I'll need new pants again. Which is mula I don't have. So I just have to look at it that way.
Anyway, I recently read in a magazine that you're not supposed to dress for the job you have, but for the job you want. I won't lie- during my internship at this place, I didn't dress like anything but an intern. But with my graduation coming up and returning for a third year, I think the time to step it up in all areas, including attire, would be now. Here are some of my inspirations.
I love, love love, these pants. I just need em in khaki...   
Something like this would work! Especially for the colder temps we're still having.
I want these pants, with these shoes. Please.
Which brings me to my shoes...

You may have noticed a theme here- we're required to wear khakis and brown shoes. I went through three pairs of brown flip flops last summer and with Old Navy's amazing deals (2 for $5), I plan on stocking up.
I've been thinking about making the switch to Crocs, and this particular pair is the "toning" kind (which is all the rage), and with as much walking around as I do at work, they could be worth the investment... just maybe later on in the season.

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