Monday, February 21, 2011

Tree House

With so much going on in my life, you'd think I would have something more productive or perhaps more relevant to talk about besides tree houses. But I've been seeing a strangely large amount of pictures of them lately that I just had to share.
In looking at several photos, it's clear that people's interpretation of a "tree house" widely varies. Some take the artistic and more modern approach and put a wooden ball in a tree- kind of like a bird house, for humans. Others take it quite literally and stick a house that would be suited for the ground and stick it in a tree. Since visiting the Swiss Family Robinson Home at Disney World (as well as climbing trees and thinking how convenient it would have been to have a table and some chairs up there), I've been fascinated by those who choose to live in trees. I commend them for turning a childhood dream into a grown up reality (and for having the money and patience to do it). These inspirations give good reason.

I'm not even sure what or where this is, but I want to visit/own it.
This seems a little more affordable. But just as amazing- I'd love to see the inside.
Here's the same place at night- seems so much more magical. I think I imagined living somewhere like this when I was little.
This one looks like it's straight out of a fairytale.
While this smaller one looks almost normal, and definitely cozy on the inside, my question is, who gets to carry the groceries in?

Happy Monday.

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