Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday's just got interesting.

Monday's aren't my least favorite day of the week but they're usually nothing to get too excited about. Until tonight. One of my favorites, Bethenny Frankel, has season 2 premiering tonight(!). I won't lie- I didn't know much about her until Housewives, but I found myself, oddly enough, relating to her the most, not to mention that she was the most down to earth. And I love that she has a pretty impressive cooking background.

Bethenny Ever After is a continuation of Bethenny Getting Married?, a show that got me through those long work days last summer. Her show and cuddling with my amazingly patient boyfriend (who not only took care of me after my surgeries during this time but also watched and commented on the show with me) was pretty much what I looked forward to for the majority of the summer. I think, as sad as it may seem, that it's because, as my boyfriend has pointed out, much of me can be seen in her. She's brutally honest, but in a hilariously funny way. At times, she's completely inappropriate and has no problem laughing at herself. She takes her work very seriously but does an incredible job at balancing it with her family life. She's an inspiration, really.

And, she and her husband remind me so much of my boyfriend and I. We're insanely in love with each other, would do anything for each other and Jason takes amazing care of her even if she won't admit that she needs it. Seeing couples like that (in addition to my parents) gives us hope and inspires us.

Plus she's wildly entertaining. While I don't have any SkinnyGirl Martgaritas to sip during the premiere, you can bet that we'll be recreating numerous summer nights by cuddling and laughing at/with her and her hilarious and darling life.

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