Sunday, February 27, 2011

House Hunting

My boyfriend and I have been searching for a place closer to the lake resort where we both work. And it's been an experience. The market over that way isn't dominated by students so there's really no way of telling when places are going to open up, which can be pretty nerve-racking. We went by a couple of places yesterday and love, love the area and the look of the places. We're planning to go back over spring break and look at some more (I know, we're crazy college kids ha) and hopefully narrow some things down. While it's a stressful process, it also makes us realize some things; like how incredibly excited we are to have a place of our own, in a "grown-up" neighborhood, how lucky we are to be able to work at the same place, be able to commute together as well as live together. We're counting down the days and can't wait to get back to work and over to the area where we can really start our lives together.

While these may be a little nicer than what we're looking at, I've fallen in love with townhouses and thought these were darling inspirations.

These are so gorgeous- can't you imagine drinking coffee and people-watching from the little balconies?

I really like the alley-like walkway and the street lamps. So classic.

These are actually a little closer to what we're interested in- they look like their own little houses but connected to one another. So cute.

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