Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I've always loved chandeliers but recently, as I mentioned the other day, I've really been getting into putting them in rooms other than the dining room. Here are a few inspirations.

This is a simpler light fixture, but I love it over the bed, especially the perfect placement with the vaulted ceilings.

loving living small
I like the white against the wood panels on the ceiling. It's not centered so much on the bed as it is on the room, which provides a further range of lighting the room.

golden night
In this instance, the chandeliers are smaller and hung from the ceiling on either side of the bed, much like lamps on a bedside table. This allows more table space and a chic glow that a lamp may not be able to offer.

oh elizabeth
If you don't have the resources to hang the chandeliers from the ceiling, you can still hang them, but use cord covers (or white cords, like I did when I made my paper lanterns) and simply plug them into the wall.

the color tori
Again, the chandelier is placed in the center, but notice the mirror over the bed, which can increase the lighting by bouncing it off the mirror. (Check out the adorable balcony too!)

we heart it
This is more of a traditional scene for a chandelier, but it's not over a larger than life dining room table. Instead, it's tastefully placed over what could be an eat-in kitchen, which is such a great way to glam-up a smaller space. (In addition to that amazing mirror.)

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