Sunday, February 6, 2011

Black and Yellow

In the spirit of the Super Bowl, and being a huge Steelers fan (as I've previously mentioned), I thought I'd share what has become the official song of the Steelers. The other day, a black SUV with Steelers flags, stickers, etc. went down main street honking with this song blaring. It's so nice to be this close during this super bowl and not in the dessert (although, there are a shocking and impressive amount of fans down there too). I am beyond excited to watch the game today and if when we win, I don't think I'll mind the extra noise outside due to the crazy celebrations I'm sure will be going on.

planet steelers

This video also features some amazing shots of Pittsburgh, especially the bridges, so it's not obnoxiously Steelers oriented- but that'd be okay with me too.

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