Saturday, February 5, 2011

Living room

First off, I'd like to apologize for my way-too-infrequent posts lately. Turns out, starting this thing a couple weeks before school began may not have been the greatest idea. But I did, so I'm committed!
That being said, I originally intended for this blog to be about interior design, but it has turned into "life" design over time (the whole month I've been up and running). So to get back to my roots a bit, here's some inspirations for a living room.
We rearranged the kitchen yesterday (purely by accident after I got Swiffer-happy and took all the furniture out to really get the floors clean), which got me thinking about our living room. We're a little limited as our cable cord is about 3 ft long and in a very awkward part of the wall. But, perhaps I'll have room for a better layout in our next place. Here are some of my inspirations.

We've been sofa-searching for the new place and I'm really liking these sectionals. I doubt if we'll have room for one, but they're something to think about for down the road.

Here's a more realistic layout for the space we'll more than likely have (without the gorgeous fireplace, though). I like how the fireplace is the focal point and anchor of the room- this could easily be done with an armoir for the tv, or some other larger, but functional piece of furniture.

I love the neutrals of this space. And those curtains (!). The chandelier is amazing too- I'm really getting into putting them in other rooms besides the dining room.

walking around where the sidewalk begins
I love the couch (ya ya, another sectional), the antique coffee table and of course, the flowers. With such muted colors everywhere else, flowers in the center, or anywhere in the room are a great way to splash in some color.

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