Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bathroom Break

So we had a little leakage in the bathroom the other day with the toilet handle sticking, which (I'll spare you the details) led to the poor cashier station in the cafe underneath the apartment getting an afternoon shower. A plumber came and after fixing the toilet tore up the bath mat that came with the apartment, which apparently was built in, because the rubber matting that used to be on the bottom of it is now our bathroom floor. In removing it with nail polish remover and having to throw away the majority of our bath towels used to soak up the overflow, the only design element left in the whole bathroom is the shower curtain.

dwell studio for target
I never got around to hanging anything on the walls, or getting any accessories for the counter. While our current bathroom is a little small, I can still get a head start on the new one. I love this shower curtain and because it's really the only thing I have to go off of, have decided to start building a bathroom around it. I'm going to stick with the black and white color scheme with neutral accents, to keep it calm and spa-like.
Below are some of my inspirations.


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