Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Motivation

A few months ago, I decided/realized that this is not where we are supposed to be, or stay. It is temporary. But many times, I find we get a bit (okay, a lot) discouraged and wonder why we're still here. In the midst of putting up with things at work, trying to start a business, dealing with neighbors, etc. we get overwhelmed.
I watched a sermon yesterday morning that really put things into perspective. Instead of sitting around waiting, getting angry and sad (and headaches), we have to wait with expectancy that things are going to happen. We can use this time to prepare for the bigger, better things God has in store for us. We have to make our faith in Him be seen. Which gives you something to do while you're waiting, which will distract from becoming discouraged. I am going to use this time to work on my health (both physically and mentally), my attire, etc. so that when things happen, I'll be ready. Making your faith be seen can be as simple as redoing your wardrobe to be more appropriate for a better job, a better way of living.
I think we were put in this house and work where we do for a reason. So we could have a chance to work on ourselves. And prepare. The pastor used an example of a couple who bought furniture that was way too big for their tiny apartment. When asked about the cramped space, they said they bought the furniture for their new house. When asked when they were moving, they said "Soon." What a wonderful way to think. Things are going to get better. When? Soon.
All we have to do is keep the faith, be productive by getting ready while we wait and remember to wait with expectancy.

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