Monday, September 3, 2012

Monday Motivation

I've always been become a big believer in timing. And I'm constantly reminded that things happen (or don't happen) exactly when they're supposed to, even when (sometimes especially when) they don't fit into our timelines.
Things seemed to be moving at the speed of smell when it came to getting things done with the business we're trying to start. Then, all at once, we could get started. Then things got delayed again. Then, things picked up at work, and in our personal lives and there was no way we could have gotten anything accomplished anyways. So while we were frustrated and thought nothing was working out, things really couldn't have worked out more perfectly. Other opportunities have presented themselves to us and give us something to look forward to and work towards in the meantime (and reminded me that there's always a reason for sticking around somewhere and toughing it out. You will be rewarded. In due time.) And when things slow down, we will be able to focus on the business so that it can be the best that it can be. Sometimes, things don't pan out because we need to focus on something else for the moment, instead of trying to stretch ourselves too thin with too many things. And then we can move on to that other thing. Sometimes, things happen that seem devastating and like we can't come back from it. When really, it was the wake up call we've been waiting for.
We have to take a deep breath and stop trying to control everything all the time. We are in the places, houses, apartments, jobs, cities, relationships, families for a reason (many reasons, really.). And with patience, these reasons will present themselves. And they will be so worth the wait.

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