Friday, August 17, 2012

Dress Accordingly

So lately, I'm finding that I have about 3-10 go-to outfits. Out of the probably 50+ shirts that I have. None of my pants or jeans fit anymore. And the belt that I have is too big to serve a purpose. While these things mean I have almost met my weight loss goals (!), it also means that when I get to wear something other than my work clothes, I'm left with pretty slim pickins. So I've decided it's time to keep the few things that I wear, get rid of the ones I've grown out of (physically and emotionally), sell what I can to a second hand shop and donate the rest. Out with old, and eventually/slowly but surely as my budget allows, in with the new. (This is going right along with my new mantra of simplifying my life and everything in it.)
I know this closet clean-out is something I need to do, and I'm cautiously waiting for the right mood to hit again when I'm throwing shirts all over the place trying to find one that fits and doesn't make me look like I'm in high school. Shouldn't have to wait too long since it's happened four or more times this week already.
I'm actually excited about it. I've been putting off getting any new bottoms because I knew I didn't want to be and wouldn't be this size forever. Well, I'm not anymore. I committed to getting healthier and fit and will continue this lifestyle. Not only do I look better, I feel better. And it's time for my wardrobe to reflect this, and the better person I'm becoming. It's been so rewarding so far. And I was able to do it while working six days a week. Imagine what I can get done with two days off!
Can't wait!



  1. inspiration to get "back to the basics" it all at once and don't look back. blood, sweat and tears. and when you think you've gotten rid of too much, you're almost there. not everyone can do that but you can. experience.

  2. You inspired me! We had a cleaning day at the apartment today and I got rid of some clothes. Probably not as much as I should have... but a start!