Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cork Boards

In setting up my mini office, I'd like to have reflect a little more my style. You may remember in my office inspirations a painted cork board, which I desperately wanted to try! So I did! And I couldn't be more impressed. No, really. It was so easy (even with a puppy licking the cork to make sure the tape wouldn't stick).
All I had to do was tape off the pattern I wanted with masking tape. The hardest part was the chevron pattern but I found it to be much easier to pre-cut the tape using the first piece as a guide, ensuring everything will be even. I free handed the stripes and used scrap paper and masking tape for the polka dots.

Everything taped off. (I did it the evening before and painted the next afternoon- the tape came up a bit but not enough to ruin the patterns).

This is after two coats of white spray paint. Go over the boards with short, even strokes of paint in both directions- horizontally and vertically. This just ensures that everything is covered.

I let it dry for about 20 minutes (in 92 degree heat) and...

Tadaaa! I'd love to show them to you hung on the wall, but we haven't gotten that far yet. Soon!
Don't worry is the air from the spray paint lifts the tape up- I kind of like the faded look of the polka dots. Such an easy, creative and personal addition to something so functional. And one more thing crossed off my mini-office to do list!

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