Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Roman Shades

In decorating our home, I'm finding I have a bit of a different vision for every room in the house. Recently, I've developed an infatuation with do-it-yourself Roman Shades from mini-blinds, which we have an abundance of (on every single window). However, I don't want to ruin all of our blinds, in case my ever-changing mood decides I don't like Roman Shades anymore, or the potential renters we have down the line hate them. So in the interest of completing a piece of my vision for the back room, I'm going to try to rescue the blinds already on the door, as they have taken a beating with the construction being done back there and would probably be thrown out/replaced anyways.
Here's my inspiration, as well as a couple of DIY links!

The quality of this picture sucks, but this is literally exactly what I would like the back room to be. A place to come in, leave out coats, shoes, bags, etc. with a nice door and window. Hopefully, this gets done sooner than later!

 Love the simplicity of the gray, and white stripes.

 Not sure how I feel about the colors, but the boldness of these stripes? Love.



 I would kind of love to the kitchen window too, especially since it looks out onto the backyard so we don't really need the privacy factor in a window covering.

 Love the black and white of these. Goes with any decor!

I'd love to find to some toile fabric, maybe...
So many ideas!

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