Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday Motivation

Sometimes, things don't go quite the way we planned, or how we thought they would, or how we think they should. But like my mother said, "that's life". Instead of trying to figure out why people are the way they are, or why things have turned out like they have, or why things aren't exactly how you originally dreamed they would be, use these things to your advantage. Learn from others mistakes and how they treat you. Don't take it personally, take it to heart and remember. There will be a time in the future, and it may be in the near future, it may be years from now, that these experiences and trials and tribulations will help, not hurt us. Just be patient, and use it, when the time comes.

And don't worry about what other people are doing or have (or say they're doing and have). Focus on what you want, and already have, and will have.

Live your life, to the best of your abilities. Work hard and treat people fairly. It will all work out and the seeds you've sown will flower,
 in due time.

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