Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sad Shower

I can't tell you how many times I've gotten in the shower and daydreamed about being in a completely different looking, and feeling, space. Our bathroom, like the majority of this house, was recently redone by the previous owners (who used the space as a vacation home). But the do-it-yourselfers cut corners, especially in the bathroom. It was fine for their time frame and probably this area, but the boyfriend and I constantly dream of bigger and better things.
We were able to paint our formally lavender bathroom a nice, warm tan and replaced the fixtures with a darker finish. This instantly made an impact, but the plastic liner shower with barely functional sliding glass doors is getting old. Lately, like we don't have a million other projects on our plate, we've been discussing ripping out the plastic liner and installing tile instead. This is obviously a huge project and not something we could tackle anytime soon. But it's nice to have a plan and ideas to increase the resale/rental value, which is ultimately what we've decided we're here for.
So I'll share my shower inspirations (I won't say "bathroom" because I have a a few other improvements planned for that entire space that I'll have to share another time).

Love the colors. Exactly what we're going for. You'll notice that there's a tub- something that we currently don't have. I'm thinking about putting one in, in case a potential renter has small ones that still need a tub.

This is more along the lines of what we currently have, only instead of gorgeous tile, there's a dinky plastic liner. Tile and the absence of a tub is definitely more sophisticated; might be easier in the end, too.

Again, love the tile, love the accent around the top, and there's a tub. Something to think about.

I know this isn't a shower, but it's such a beautiful bathroom and represents the feeling of the shower that I'm looking for. Perfect.

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