Sunday, November 20, 2011


I've created a new board on my Pinterest in the spirit of "dressing the part". I'm also (still finally) attempting to lose some of the 30+ pounds I gained last summer after my unexpected surgery left my tummy scarred and sore... and a bit pudgy. Yesterday, upon getting in the Jeep, my jeans gave up on my thunder thighs and ripped. A lot. In several places. If that's not a wake-up call to get in shape, I don't (wanna) know what is.
However, I do not plan to just lose the weight. I want to be healthy. I'm sick of being sick and tired, with daily headaches, back aches, muscles cramps and crabby moods. It's exhausting. And not a walk in the park for my ever-patient boyfriend, friends and family.
While I am aware that I'll probably never look the way I did in high school ever again, I'd like to get rid of the not-so-cute muffin top and previously mentioned thunder thighs. I don't think losing 30 or more pounds would help my "healthy" cause. So I'm not going to go by the numbers. I'm going by how I feel. When I feel more energized, lighter, happier, and proud, I'll know I'm on the right track.
So wish me luck! I'm sure you'll hear about how it's going (or not going- great week to start this, with TWO Thanksgiving dinners in the next 6 days).
Here are some of my inspirations/guidance to get started.


Not only do I get SELF magazine, but I signed up for their weekly emails with new workout and advice for a healthier, fitter lifestyle. Their fitness section is my new favorite.

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