Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nails, again.

So this summer I found that I don't really care for naked nails anymore. I very rarely had the time or patience to sit down on a weekly basis and paint my nails. And when I did, it was before bed and I woke up with waffle-fingers instead of cute nails. But since I've graduated, I've been able to find some more time to indulge. And I like having them look nice for my job as well; a lot of people see my hands all day long handing out passes, giving directions on the map, etc. And being a walking commercial for Avon nail polish isn't a bad gig either. :) I have some time before work today to give myself a nice manicure, and on this rainy day, I have a few ideas that may take a little longer. I can't wait to try some of these with a certain beautician-in-training!

Love the colors and patterns! I could never pull off the flowers, but the stripes, maybe!

Cut masking tape with decorative scissors and place on nails for different and super cute pattern!

I would stick to one color but I like the teeny polka dots.

The pink, the glitter, the ring-finger trend... and the ice cream.
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Have a great Thursday!

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