Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring has sprung... for today.

I love the weather up here in PA, sometimes. I can say this because it's constantly changing. Today, we hit 70 degrees and I wore my flips (flip flops) to school for the first time this year(!). But the forecast is calling for snow on Wednesday. So with that in mind, I'd thought I sneak in one last bit of winter fashion that can also be worn during these awkward springs. A Christmas present from the boyfriend's mom has sparked my infatuation with scarves. Not the wool-y kind or the knitted kind, but the lightweight fabric kind that can worn, like I said, even in the spring. I've started a small collection* and have worn them with several variations of outfits and can't wait to start pairing them with cooler weather clothing. Here are some of my inspirations.

This is perfect in the winter-I actually have a white one that looks just like this.
I love this whole outfit; shoes, jacket, tights, bag, scarf and all.
The sweater/sweatshirt thing is great for the weather up here- keeps ya warm, but not too warm.
Getting a little fancier! See what I mean about them being worn with anything?
I know I'm repeating Kim K. but the gal has some fashion sense. I want this whole ensemble. 
Again, perfect for today's weather, and even a little cooler.
I want this scarf pretty badly. All mine are simple with little to no pattern, but this floral design is darling.

*PS- I know I'm probably way behind the times with this trend, but at least it's still "in" enough for me to enjoy it, while it lasts.

Happy Monday!

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