Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow day

With a huge snow storm on the way, many of my teachers have already canceled class. While I'll probably use the day to catch up on homework and cleaning up the house, it makes me think of a few ton of projects I want to get done before we move into the new place. One of them is this adorable ottoman.

I love the rustic look the galvanized tub lends as well as the tufted top.
I like this fabric but the more I look at it, the more I want to go the extra mile to tuft.
My boyfriend's mom was sweet enough to pick us up the tub (a 28 gallon) so all we need is the plywood, foam and fabric. I'd like to make it a storage ottoman with a hinge for the plywood on top. I also am leaning more towards the tufted top. It just looks classier. Maybe one of these weekends when we visit the boyfriend's parents, we can knock this out.
 I love the neutrals and stripes- very classic and will go with any living room furniture we end up buying.
 This floral is rustic and chic- might be a little too girly for the boyfriend...

The stripes are probably my favorite, and yellow's my favorite color- this would make such a bright addition to the living room.

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