Friday, January 21, 2011

Brrr, but it's okay.

In the spirit of the weekend weather reports using the words "bitterly cold" and "frigid", I thought I'd share some reasons and remind myself why I should still love winter.

I love cuddling up under a blanket and just holding a warm cup of hot chocolate- I'm perfectly content waiting for it to cool down enough for me to drink (while the marshmallows melt, of course.)

Even though we haven't gotten around to it this season, and I'm dangerously terrible at it, especially in comparison to my boyfriend (who's been at it since age 11), I still love snowboarding.

I was thoroughly disappointed at the lack of snowmen around this year- they surely would have lasted around here. I'll never forget the last snowman we made before moving from PA to Florida- we dressed him in a Hawaiian shirt, sunglasses and flip flops with a sign that read "Florida or Bust!' Poor guy never made it down there, though.

52 Flea
While I normally wear (grownup) gloves, I love mittens. If only I could find a pair that weren't child-sized.

pink wallpaper
And of course, Christmas lights. I love them up during Christmas, left up after Christmas, used for things totally unrelated to Christmas, and the after Christmas deals which I use to stock up on them.

Ahhh- I feel better.

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