Saturday, January 29, 2011


I cleaned the bathroom this morning, and in doing so, inadvertently came up with some things for a dream bathroom checklist.

I love the separate mirrors (and sinks). It defines the areas and looks so classy as well as updated.

The vanity has to be something unique and solid as well. This sheer makes an amazingly different shower curtain too. This is the work of Genevieve Gorder, one of my all-time favorite designers, and one of the first to inspire me to become so interested in interior design.

Lighting is another checklist item; exposed light bulbs = ew (in most cases). I like the sconces on either side of the mirror, and the chandelier- such a small and easy way to class-up a bathroom.

Color is a huge factor in a bathroom- it should be something to wake up with in the morning, but wind down to in the evening. This green can be bright eye-opening enough, but in the right dimmed lighting can be plenty relaxing. The tile is amazing too.

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