Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday Sermon

This morning, Duke and I settled in with breakfast and a cup of coffee to watch "church" (a recorded sermon of Joel Osteens). I usually get a feeling that I need to hear Gods word and today was one of those days. All day yesterday, I felt blue. For no particular reason. I unfortunately allowed it to have an effect on those around me, which, while it was easier than mustering up the strength to be nice, made me feel even worse. When today's sermon was about being good to people, I teared up. I knew what I did yesterday was not what God would have liked to see. I have since asked for forgiveness and the strength to be good to people at every opportunity.
God did not create us to be selfish takers. We are meant to be givers. This is why so many of us are unhappy- we feel good when we give to others, not when we focus on what we don't have. By being a blessing to someone else, you sow the seed to be given a blessing from God. By not taking the chance to be good to people, however small, we are missing the opportunity for our own miracles and breakthroughs to come to pass. Be a blessing and a blessing will be bestowed upon you. It's simple, really. And makes sense. Did letting my attitude get the best of me yesterday make me feel better? No. I actually felt so bad that I had a dream about it so that it has been with me into today. Being good to people feels so much better and will stay with you for just as long, usually longer. It is not only beneficial to those your are being good to, but also yourself.


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