Friday, March 8, 2013

DIY Peel-Off Mask

In my desperate search for something to get rid of my out of nowhere overly huge pores (I think it's the weather...I'm hoping it's the weather), I've seen a lot of do-it-yourself stuff and tried a couple of things to no avail. I did, however, come across a diy peel-off mask and tried it this morning after working out and cleaning my face with Sea-Breeze and a cotton ball. That alone helped and I would recommend cleaning your face with soemthing light before trying this mask.

Now, how this broad got her tissues to fit perfectly around her mouth, nose and eyes, I do not know. Maybe it takes practice. I will reccommend washing and drying your hands thoroughly before tearing the tissues into smaller, more manageable pieces and fitting them onto your face.
I also did not use a brush to apply, just my fingers, and only used about half of the egg white (I saved the rest because I hate wasting and I thought I'd do the mask again at some point).
Do not expect to make any facial expressions once this thing starts to dry. And expect weird, slightly concerned looks from your dog. It tightens, a lot. Which feels amazing. Once the whole thing is dry (10-15 min), peel off. It will more than likely come off in pieces (not one, graceful piece as the picture depicts). You may need to use a wash cloth to remove the remianing egg white.
I defnitely noticed smaller, cleaner pores and plan on doing this mask once a week. Maybe when spring finally rolls around, my face will stop being such a baby. But this is a nice treat until then.
Happy Weekend!

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