Friday, November 23, 2012

Cuddle Bug

After we got home yesterday from a lovely Thanksgiving, a prompt trip to the shower was needed for the pup who wrestled all day with his pal, in the mud. We all got in our jammies and sat on our respective couches but Duke paced around the living room and kept sitting in random places, keeping eye contact with me the whole time. After a few minutes of this, and making this mama very worried (I was waiting for some bodily function to happen), he walked right up to me and let out the most pitiful whine I've heard out of him in a while. So I crawled down to the floor with him. And he sat right in my lap. The boyfriends observation: all Duke wanted was to be held. Once he found someone for the job, he fell sound sleep for the rest of the night.
Even though he's growing every day, he still has puppy tenancies. Which I can't get enough of. I hope he'll always be my cuddle bug.


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